Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Her Destiny (Reverie #2) by Monica Murphy

I knew from the moment I first saw him he was the one. The only boy I could ever want.
The only boy I could ever love.
They say he’s bad for me.
But I know he’s not.
Until the day he rejects me.
And breaks my heart.

Everything changes in the blink of an eye. My entire life as I’ve known it is…gone. Secrets are revealed. Promises once made are irrevocably broken. There’s no way my family can get back to what we once were.

So when Nicholas Fairfield walks back into my life like he never left it, I’m furious.

Thrilled. Irritated. Excited.


Despite my confusion, I want to be with him. I love him. But danger lurks where we least expect it. Someone will do whatever it takes to tear us apart. All I know is: I won’t let them.

Because Nick Fairfield? He’s mine.
First line:

I met a boy.
And I fell for him.
ARC from author
4 car rides out of 5
A fairly short conclusion to the Reverie series. I don't see why it couldn't have just been one book, but whatever. I also think it's unfair of Reverie to blame Nick for everything. He couldn't contact her because she moved and her cell phone was shut off. It wasn't his fault. But still, she's mad at him. I also don't really see why Nick didn't just say he was with Reverie. It would have saved both of them a lot of trouble, but I realize he wanted to spare her the scrutiny of the police. I guess it's also because he's been betrayed to the police by someone he trusted. Sorry, thinking while typing. :)

Reverie and Evan have made a complete 180 from a few months ago. They went from entitled to working whatever job they can get. It was nice to see them accept their fate so,not willingly, but gracefully. Neither of them complains about the work they have to do to keep themselves afloat because their parents can't contribute to the rent and food.

Nick also is learning to move out of the past and towards the future. He's letting go of the things that held him back and embracing the good in his life. That means tracking down Reverie and explaining what happened that night. He also come to her rescue a time or two.

Her Destiny is a satisfying ending to the Reverie series. I hope you enjoy it!

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