Thursday, May 15, 2014

Hothouse Flower (Calloway Sisters #2) by Krista and Becca Ritchie

Ryke Meadows, meet Daisy Calloway ... she’s all grown up.

Twenty-five-year-old Ryke Meadows knows he’s hard to love. With a billion-dollar inheritance, a track-star resume, and an alpha-male personality—he redefines the term likable asshole. But he’s not living to make friends. Or enemies. He just wants to free climb three of the toughest mountains in Yosemite without drama or interruption.

And then he receives a distressed call from a girl in Paris—a girl that he has never been allowed to have.

Daisy Calloway is eighteen. Finally. With her newfound independence, she can say goodbye to her overbearing mother and continue her modeling career. Next stop, Paris. Fashion Week begins with a bang, and Daisy uncovers the ugly reality of the industry. She wants to prove to her family that she can live on her own, but when everything spirals out of control, she turns to Ryke to keep her secrets.

As Daisy struggles to make sense of this new world and her freedom, she pushes the limits and fearlessly rides the edge. Ryke knows there’s deep hurt beneath every impulsive action. He must keep up with Daisy, and if he lets her go, her favorite motto—“live as if you’ll die today”—may just come true.

New Adult Romance: recommended for readers 18+ for mature content

***Authors' Note***
Hothouse Flower is a spin-off of the Addicted series. Kiss the Sky is required before reading, and we strongly recommend reading the Addicted series before this spin-off. 

First Line:
 Every Monday was fucking identical to the last.
5 Ducatis out of 5
The Ritchie twins have written yet another amazing book. This is my favorite so far. Of course, I say that after each book of their's I've read. Daisy and Ryke are so cute together and I've been waiting to see how things worked out since they first met.

Daisy is a wild child, high-fashion model who can't say no to her mother. She lets her mom control her life and dictate the way she sees herself. She feels the need to watch everything she eats lest a designer think she's too fat to model her clothes despite being a normal-sized girl. Daisy uses adrenaline to take the edge off the pressure she feels from her mother. She's also keeping a secret from her sisters. She's always been the baby of the family and she just wants Lily and Rose to view her as an equal, not as their baby sister.

Ryke is protective of the people he loves and the people close to the people he loves. When Daisy comes to him asking for help, he'll do anything to help her. Whether it's helping her find an adrenaline rush or holding through her nightmares, he's always there for her. I saw a completely different side of the rude abrasive Ryke that is in the other books. I always knew he was protective and fiercely loyal, but his sweet side didn't really come out until this book. And that sweet side in unbelievably sweet. My absolute favorite part in the novel is when Ryke runs, literally runs, several miles to the nearest hospital with Daisy in his arms. My heart just melted.

Hothouse Flower is funny and intense featuring a sweet guy who can cuss up a storm. I can't wait for the next book featuring Daisy and Ryke, Long Way Down.

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