Saturday, May 31, 2014

Cup of Life (Everlast #2.5) by Juliana Haygert

His existence would mean nothing without her.

**New Adult Fantasy Novella**
**Novella between book #2 and #3, told on Micah's POV**

Summary according to Gabi:
Micah loves Nadine and would do anything to keep her safe and in his life. In this novella, his limits are pushed and we learn just how much he loves her.

First line:
Thirty or forty years ago, I wouldn't have stared at the girl in front of me for longer than five seconds before charming her into going to bed with me.
Review copy via Xpresso Tours
4 cups out of 5
Since this was a short novella, I'll just share a quick review. It was nice to get away from Nadine, who tends to wallow in self pity, and get into Micah's head. I'm definitely Team Micah. This book showed just how much he cared for Nadine and lengths he's willing to go for her. The only thing I disliked about the book, is that it seemed to end abruptly. But hopefully, Micah's adventure will continue in the third book. I;m looking forward to it. (Also, what do you think of my attempt at summarizing the novella? ;) the Goodreads description doesn't tell you anything so I thought I'd write my own. lol.)

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