Monday, May 26, 2014

Knowing Jack by Rachel Curtis

I am not a slut, although I’ve been called one often enough. Yeah, I spent three months screwing one of my college professors, but I was crazy about the guy. Then he broke up with me.

I am not a bitch, although people like to say I am. I kept our relationship secret. I’m not responsible for telling the university administrators about it, but a lot of students still blame me for getting their favorite professor fired.

I am not a drama queen, although everyone thinks I am now. When I got a few nasty messages, I just deleted them. When I got the threat, I assumed it was someone being stupid. I still think that’s all it was. My parents worry, though, so they hired me a bodyguard. Now Jack follows me around, intimidating everyone who approaches me and looking obnoxiously hot.

This is what I am. I’m Chloe. I’m a twenty-year-old art history major. Kind of shy, although I pretend not to be. Stubborn enough to stay here for my senior year, even though everyone hates me.

And I’m stuck with Jack.

He calls me “Princess,” but I’m not a princess either.

First line:
When you've don what I've done, the only thing left is stasis.
3 bodygaurds out of 5
Chloe has an astounding sense of dating (read "sleeping with") guys who get fired for doing so. First, her college professor. Second, her bodyguard. Not a very good track record. She puts on a perfect persona, she feels the need to please everybody. Jack helps her let down her walls. But he also knows her all of a few weeks, has sex with her twice, leaves after sex twice, consistently says they can't have a relationship, yet claims to be in love with her. How does that work? Talk about mixed signals. Can you really blame her for wanting to be normal and going out with a guy like Kent? He seems normal, nice, willing to talk to her. So, like anybody, she wants to be normal and goes on a few dates with him. That just ends in awkwardness with Jack hovering over them. I feel bad for Chloe. I guess I liked Jack well enough. The insta-love and mixed signals were just too strong, though, thus the 3-star rating. I'm interested to read the next book, I guess. The ending of this book implied that something interesting was going to happen. But in not jumping out of my seat to have the sequel. I might read it if I have time.

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