Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Waiting Game (American Gypsy #2) by J.L. Fynn

Twenty-five-year-old Tommy Costello has been going out on the road with his best friend Jim Reilly since they were kids. They've pulled cons together, picked up dates together, and have always had each other's back. They're as close as brothers, and Tommy's sure their bond will never be broken.

That is, until Maggie Downey shows up. She's an enigma: smart, bold, and charming. From the moment they meet, sparks fly. But there's a huge problem. She's arranged to be married to Jim.

Tommy tries to keep his feelings for Maggie in check, but it's not easy, especially when he's also hiding a dark secret for his best friend. Jim is gay, and that reality will not only make him an outcast among the Travelers, but could mean a life of misery for Maggie as well. Tommy does his best to protect both his friendship and his own heart, but it's soon clear that falling in love with his best friend's wife is the least dangerous thing happening in the Village.

The Waiting Game is a prequel to The Long Game, and the second book in J.L. Fynn’s American Gypsy series.

First line:
I saw her before she saw me.
 Review copy from author
2 stars out of 5
There were so many time skips. 3 weeks later. 5 months later. 2 years later. I couldn't keep up. Also, what kind of person allows his wife to cheat on him? And then decide to have a child with her after her lover leaves? The whole situation was weird. That plus the time jumps, and I disliked the book. And the ending was weird. When I finally thought Maggie and Tommy would have a happy ending, Maggie sends Tommy off so she can keep the Village at bay from chasing him down. It was pretty much the strangest book I've ever read.

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