Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Hazards of Skinny Dipping (Hazards #1) by Alyssa Rose Ivy

This isn't a deep book about first loves or self-discovery. If you want a book like that, I'd be happy to recommend one, but I don't have that kind of story to tell. Instead my story is about rash decisions and finding out that your dream guy is bad in bed. It's the story of when I finally went skinny dipping, and how my life was never the same again. Oh, and it's also the story of my freshman year of college and realizing Mr. Right might have been there all along.

First line:
 Skinny dipping was the last thing on my list.
ARC from author
4 stars out of 5
Alyssa is known for her romance with a twist, and rightly so. She's very good at throwing curve balls into the plot. When Juliet fell into bed with Dylan, I was sure she was going to end up with his brother Kyle. But then Reed came into the picture and he was awesome. He is funny and charming and perfectly content to be friends with Juliet and willing to protect her from Dylan the Jerk. I was so happy when they finally ended up together. The book was funny and witty. I was laughing out loud. It was also a fairly quick read, which was nice. I really really really want a book from Reed's POV. I want to know more about his sister and what happened to her and what he went through with that. I can't wait for the next Hazards novel, The Hazards of a One Night Stand!!!

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