Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Hazards of a One Night Stand (Hazards #2) by Alyssa Rose Ivy

One small town boy, one girl who wants more, one roll in the hay...

Hooking up with your high school crush is a bad idea, a really bad idea. It was only supposed to be one night, one brief departure from my real life, but nothing ever works out exactly the way you plan.

Colton Waters was everything from my past that didn't fit into my present, so why did he have to show up at my college and pledge the one frat I couldn't avoid?
Because nothing is ever meant to happen just once. At least not the life changing things that mean the difference between falling apart and falling in love.

First line:
Field parties are as about much fun as they sound. It's just a bunch of kids getting wasted in the middle of nowhere as a way to pass the time.
ARC from author
Release Date:
February 27, 2014
4 haylofts out of 5
Alyssa is a master at crafting romances. I particularly like the Hazards trilogy because it's about regular girls facing ordinary problems: divorced parents, overprotective brothers, bad relationships. It's also cute how they start and end in the same place: The Hazards of Skinny Dipping, you guessed it, skinny dipping; The Hazards of a One Night Stand starts and ends in a hayloft. They both also involve a girl denying her attraction to a guy she obviously cares about.

Mallory is confident. She knows what face to show depending on the situation. Her greatest fear is being told she's not good enough. Again. She doesn't want to lose her friendship with Colt, nor does she want Colt to trap her in Gasden. So she starts dating an overconfident, self-obsessed guy who doesn't know denial when it punches him in the face.

Colt has been in love with Mallory for forever. So when he spends the night with her, he thinks he finally has a chance at a relationship with her. But, she doesn't see it that way. But, never fear. Colt is adorable in his persistence. He also knows Mallory better than anyone. I really really like him <3

It was awesome seeing Juliet and Reed again. I wonder who will get the next book, if there is one. I get the feeling it will b Jade, the freshman pledge Mallory becomes close to.

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