Friday, February 7, 2014

My Sweetest Escape (My Favorite Mistake #2) by Chelsea M. Cameron

The past will always find you.

Jos Archer was the girl with the perfect life; until the night it all came crashing down around her. Now, nine months later, she still hasn't begun to pick up the pieces. Even transferring to a new college and living under the watchful eye of her older sister, Renee, isn't enough to help her feel normal again.

And then she meets Dusty Sharp. For reasons Jos can't begin to fathom, the newly reformed campus bad boy seems determined to draw her out of her shell. And if she's not careful, his knowing green eyes and wicked smile will make her feel things she's no longer sure she deserves.

But even as Dusty coaxes Jos to open up about the past, he's hiding secrets of his own. Secrets about the night her old life fell apart. When the truth is finally revealed, will it bring them closer together;or tear them apart for good?

First line:
"I can't believe your parents are forcing you to leave. I should be, like, illegal. You're over eighteen. Why don't you just bail?"
eARC from publisher
4 bags of M&Ms and Skittles out of 5
Chelsea's writing style is so captivating. A lot of chapters start with a scene, and then she kind of backtracks to the events that led up to the firs scene of the chapter. That sounds confusing, but Chelsea is a master at weaving her story.  She's also amazing at making the suspense last, without letting it drag. You don't actually learn what happened to Jos until the end of the book, but hints are dropped and you start to piece together the puzzle. But the big reveal is still shocking, and somewhat unexpected.

Jos is being forced to move in with her sister, Renee, and transfer colleges because she's gone from the pristine future lawyer to the party girl in the last nine months. All Jos wants is to be left alone to brood in peace. Dusty is the reformed play boy. He's also changed within the last nine months. He's given up drinking and women. The attraction between the former player and the virgin is instant. But it didn't feel forced. Both try to fight their feelings, and Dusty sends a lot of mixed signals, which had me wanting to strangle him at times. But I eventually got over those moments and went back to loving him.

As much as I loved Jos and Dusty, Hanna definately stole the show. I really want her to have her own book. She's so full of life despite what's happened to her, but she's real. Hanna tries to be optimistic and let everything role off her, but sometimes things get to her and her vindictive side comes out. I really really really want to see more of her!!!

Like I said, Chelsea masterfully crafts her story in My Sweetest Escape. I'm anxious to pick up her other book, Deeper We Fall, which I've received via Netgalley.

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