Thursday, February 13, 2014

Mini Review: Traumatic Brain Injury: From Cuncussion to Coma by Connie Goldsmith

Two soccer players collide on the field. A soldier in Afghanistan is thrown to the ground during a bomb explosion. A teen has an accident while riding her bike--and she isn't wearing her helmet. Each of these incidents can produce a traumatic brain injury (TBI). Of the 1.7 million Americans officially diagnosed with TBI each year, 52,000 die from their injuries. And that doesn't count all the unreported TBIs, which experts estimate range from about two to four million more incidents.

4 brains out of 5
This book was very well detailed. It listed many facts, as well as statistics. I enjoyed not only learning what a TBI is and what causes them, but also ways to prevent them. This is a good book for anybody to read, particularly if they play sports. Lots of good tips and stories are part of this factual book.

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