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Stolen Wishes Release Blitz: Excerpt + Giveaway

Stolen Wishes (New Hope #1.5)
A sexy smile. Intense blue eyes. A goodness that makes him want to save me from these rumors when no one else would care. I didn't ask for a hero. William Bailey was never supposed to be anything more than a wish, a dream, an unrequited crush. Not for a girl like me--a girl whose fractured family has stolen her chance at a decent life.

Since the death of my parents, I've always done what’s expected of me, what's "best" for me. Until Cally. The moment her haunted eyes meet mine, the fractured pieces of my heart feel whole again. I don’t just want to save her. I need her to save me.
Stolen chances. Unbroken wishes. Two lonely souls grasping for hope in the darkness.

**This novella takes place seven years before the events in WISH I MAY and shows William and Cally falling in love for the first time. It can be read before or after WISH I MAY or on its own.**

Wish I May (New Hope #2)
I grew up wishing on stars. My father taught me to believe...in destiny, in magic, in happily ever after. Dreams were my scripture and the starry night sky was my temple. Then Mom stopped believing, left him, and took us with her. At the age of sixteen, I cashed in my dreams to pay the rent, pawned my destiny to keep my sisters together. Now, seven years later, I'm returning home, grieving the death of my mother, and settling my sisters back into the life Mom threw away. I never intended to stay. I don't want to deal with my father, who is so invested in the spiritual world he forgets the physical. I don't want to face William Bailey, whose eyes remind me of the girl I was, the things I've done, and the future I lost. This would all be easier if Will hated me. As it is, I have to hold my secrets close so they won't hurt him more than they've already hurt me. But he wants to be in my life. He wants what I can't bring myself to confess I sold. He wants me. I find myself looking to my stars again...wondering if I dare one more wish.

Be on the look out for my 5-star review that should be up on Friday.

Author Bio:
A New York Times and USA Today bestselling romance author, Lexi Ryan considers herself the luckiest chick she knows. Her books have been described as intense, emotional, and wickedly sexy. Lexi herself has only been described using two of those adjectives (feel free to guess but she’s not telling). When not writing, she enjoys watching football, perfecting her chocolate martini, and reading her way to the title of Biggest Romance Fangirl Evah. A former college professor, her biggest fears include faculty meetings and large stacks of ungraded freshman composition papers. She now writes full-time from her home in Indiana, where she lives with her husband and two children and their neurotic dog.
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“Thank you for tonight,” she says. “Most guys wouldn’t have gone to such lengths because of a stupid rumor.”

“You think I wanted to date you to satisfy the rumor mill?”

She focuses on the pavement in front of us, avoiding my gaze. “Didn’t you?”

“You’re not that naïve, are you?” That gets her to look at me. Her eyes are narrow and frustrated. “Cally, I took you to dinner tonight because I wanted to. I don’t like what they’re saying about you, but my reasons for asking you out were more selfish than they were noble.”

She stops and leans one shoulder against the trunk of a thick maple as she studies me. “How were they selfish?”

“I wanted a chance to have some time alone with a pretty girl.”

She stares at me for two heartbeats. “I really like you, William Bailey.”

I tuck a lock of hair behind her ear then shove my hands in my pockets to keep myself from touching her more. “I like you too, Cally Fisher.”

Her teeth sink down into her bottom lip and her eyes drop to my mouth.

I fist my hands in my pockets and exhale slowly. “I really want to kiss you right now.”

“I really want you to,” she whispers, flicking her eyes to mine.

I take a cautious step forward and press my hands against the tree trunk on either side of her head, then slowly lower my mouth until it’s a breath above hers. “Has anyone ever kissed you before?”


Jealousy burns in my gut. It’s silly, but it’s there at the thought of another guy touching his lips to hers. “Who?”

“Davey Mills kissed me on the lips behind the school in second grade.” Her eyes flash with mischief and she bites back her smile.

“Lucky Davey,” I grumble.

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