Friday, November 15, 2013

Matchplay (Matchplay #1) by Dakota Madison

A Girl, a Guy, a Tournament and a Challenge

The Girl: At a time when most girls obsess about homecoming and high school prom, Rainy Dey spent her senior year caring for her dying mother. So when her father drops her off at college to start her freshman year, his words of advice to his bookish daughter are to start acting like a young person and finally have some fun.

The Guy: College senior, Aaron Donavan, aka Mr. Hot-and-Knows-It, is President of the Clubhouse, a social club for the college’s most wealthy and popular guys. Aaron can have any girl on campus except the one who challenges and excites him the most—Rainy Dey.

The Tournament: Every year, the senior members of The Clubhouse engage in a golf-inspired tournament to see who can sleep with the most freshman girls. When Rainy finds out about the tournament, she believes Aaron’s only interest in her is to score points by taking her V-Card.

The Challenge: Can Aaron convince Rainy that his feelings for her are true and that she won’t be just another notch on his tournament scorecard?

First line:
I felt my stomach start to clench as my dad pulled into the entrance of my new home for the next four years.
 ecopy from author--thank you
2 sunflowers out of 5
Sounds like an interesting book, right? I'm kinda a sucker for "good girl virgin falls for bad boy player" books. And that's what this book was. But this one bugged me.

Rainy Dey is a control freak who runs away from everything. She gets mad at her boyfriend so she doesn't give him a chance to explain. Just runs off crying. Then a day or two later Aaron will come around begging for her to take him back, promising that her won't let something like that happen again. And she immediately takes him back and starts making out with him. I feel bad for Aaron who's on the receiving end of this madness. But I don't understand why he keeps crawling back.

At the beginning, Rainy is very assertive about boundaries. Aaron has to ask permission to hold her hand. Okay fine, I understand that as her best friend was molested. So, she goes on to tell him that she has to trust him before they have sex and she doesn't thinks she's ready. But then, she falls into bed with him a few days later. Seriously? Do you have no self-respect? She got on my nerves so much!

There a couple of back-stories that were introduced but then never brought up again. For example, Rainy's best friend being molested by her step-father. Or the fact that Mrs. Dey died of cancer and Rainy was her main caretaker and her father had to work to pay for the medical bills.

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