Friday, July 5, 2013

Tough to Love: Saving Avery by Ava Catori

Hardened from past hurts, can Avery West and Steel Brickman find the strength to heal one another? Steel’s intensity is overbearing and strong, crushing Avery’s ability to breathe. Avery’s wall is so thick – it seems almost impenetrable. Tangled in a mess of pain and desire, the two must learn to trust one another to find their own salvation.

First line:
He walked into the bar like he owned the place, with the swagger of self-importance.
4 stars out of 5
Tough to Love: Saving Avery is NOT your typical contemporary romance. Avery works at a dingy, dirty pub. Steel is the new star of the local football team. When he walks into the pub where Avery works, he recognizes the pain in her eyes. It's pain that he has seen before in his sister's eyes. It becomes his mission to save Avery from herself and the demons that haunt her.

But, at first, Avery doesn't want help. She's been fine in the year since it happened. A year ago, everybody she loved abandoned her. Yet, she's still surviving. She doesn't need help. Especially not a man's help. But as she starts to open up to Steel, she realizes that she likes how safe he makes her feel.

Steel and Avery's story is full of romance and love, but it feels like a more realistic than your typical contemporary romance. Their relationship isn't always the best, and that's one of the reasons I love this book. It shows you a side to relationships that you don't normally see. Steel is controlling. Avery is independent. They often clash heads when it comes to things. Steel thinks he knows what's best for her, but she wants to do stuff on her own.

Tough to Love: Saving Avery is a wonderful novella that I think everybody should read.

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