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The Fab Life Blog Tour: Guest Post + Giveaway

The Fab Life (Kihanna #1)
It’s the life I was born to live: billionaire’s daughters, living amongst the rich & famous. But my mom kept me a secret from my dad. Until now.

I am so out of my league. Fancy parties, expensive cars, and a private school for the elite… It sounds like a dream. But everything is not as perfect as it seems on the outside. Here, the secrets are dirty, and the lies comes easy.

Welcome to my fab life.

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Author Bio:
I am a YA/ NA author, with an addiction to NOS & Red Bull energy drinks. My guilty pleasure is the TV series The Lying Game and The Vampire Diaries. I'm 23 years old. I currently live in St Louis, with my husband of 2 years.
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Guest Post:

Similarities & Differences Between Kihanna & Scarlett.

Differences – When you first take a look and Kihanna and Scarlett, the differences are not hard to find. Scarlett is 5’1”, had blonde hair, and blues eyes. Kihanna is 5’8”, has redish-brown hair, and light brown eyes.

Scarlett is confident. When she walks into a room, she owns it. Kihanna is a bit more timid. She is not used to being the center of attention, and hides when she gets the chance.

Scarlett is very experienced when it comes to guys. She knows exactly what she wants, and that’s Stephan. But Kihanna, well, she’s VERY inexperienced. Never been kissed, or even had a boyfriend. She’s only 17, and she has NO IDEA what she wants. It’s fun watching her grow up in the book.

Scarlet has AWFUL parents. They use her for money and status. Kihanna has a Mom, Dad, and stepmom who all love her a lot. Not for what she is, but WHO she is.

I love Scarlett and Kihanna both for different reasons. Scarlett for her confidence, sarcasm, and whit. Kihanna for how she handles everything that is thrown her way, and her ability to adapt in every situation. She never overreacts. (Which as you know, Scarlett almost ALWAYS overreacts…)

Similarities – They both just want to belong. Kihanna has never really found where she fits in. She’s never had a lot of friends, and has ultimately been a loner. Scarlett wants a family more than anything. She’s been alone at the top for so long.

More than anything, they both was to experience true love. The kind of love that only exists in fairytales. And that’s what Scarlett get’s with Stephan… And Kihanna get’s with… Oh wait, you don’t find out until book 5. Muahaha

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