Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Jaded (Rock Star #1) by Mercy Amare

I'm Scarlett Ryan.

Yes, THAT Scarlett Ryan.

I live an extraordinary life: millionaire rock star, owner of exotic cars, pictures of me in every magazine, millions of fans, and a name that is recognized world wide. It's supposed to be my dream come true. But, my life IS a fantasy, and I want real. I want exciting. I want... NORMAL. So, I moved from California to Florida, hoping to obtain some normalcy. Instead I find...

Stephan Montgomery.

He's an arrogant jerk. Seriously, I hate him. I swear if he tells me one more blonde joke, I will punch him... again... Unfortunately I can't stop thinking about him, or his gorgeous green eyes. Trust me, I know that he's bad for me. If only my heart would listen.

I also find out that my parents have kept a LIFE CHANGING secret from me. I need to know the truth.

The harder I strive for normal, the stranger things seem to get.

Jaded is book 1 of the Rock Star trilogy.

First line:
“That's it,” I scream, putting my foot down. I am so irritated that I don't even care that I am acting like a spoiled three year old. “I'm taking a break!”
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Publishing Date:
April 19, 2013
4 rockin stars out of 5
I adored this book. Mercy Amare wrote Scarlet's personality perfectly. She was egotistical, yet kind, caring, and loving. There also a few times where she kinda reminded me of Jennifer Lawrence. This scene for example:
"Guys, I'm human. I shit too..." After a short pause, I ask, "Am I allowed to say shit?" Silence is all that answers. "Anyways, ..."
I could totally see Jennifer saying. Like when she said this at the Oscars:

Mercy also threw in several twists that I wasn't expecting. I don't know who could have seen those coming. It kept me on the edge of seat to learn what happened next.

Oh my gosh, Stephan. I didn't like him a lot at the beginning of the book. But, like Scarlet, I slowly fell for him. He was daring and sweet and snarky and a gentleman. He was perfect for Scarlet!!!!

Seriously, guys. I need Faded RIGHT NOW!!!! I can't wait to see how Scarlet's overcomes the obstacles that have been thrown at her. My heart broke just a little at the end of Jaded. There are many things I can't wait to see in Faded (Rock Star #2), like Scar's confrontation of her parents, and other stuff I don't want to say because it'll ruin the surprise. I also can't wait to see more of some of the supporting characters, like Alec, Mr. and Mrs. Ryan, and Stacy.

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