Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Truth About Letting Go by Leigh Talbert Moore

Ashley wants to smash everything in her once-perfect life.

Charlotte wants to walk in Ashley's seemingly charmed shoes.

Colt wants to turn Smalltown USA on its ear--with Ashley at his side.

Jordan wants to follow his heart... but Ashley is the one sacrifice he never expected to make.

Ashley Lockett has always followed the rules. She's always done the right thing, played it safe, gone to church. And then her ideal life is shattered when her dad dies suddenly.

Fueled by anger and grief, she vows to do everything opposite of how she lived before. She rejects safety, rules, faith, and then she meets Jordan.

Jordan has big dreams, he's had a crush on Ashley for years, and he's a great kisser. But he's also safe.

Enter Colt. He is not safe, and he's more than willing to help Ashley fulfill her vow.

First line:
I'm not ready for this.
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4 out of 5 stars
The book starts out with Ashley's father's funeral. Ashley is your typical popular cheerleader. She and her father were extremely close. She and her mother, not so much since her father got sick. Then she meets Charlotte. Charlotte is overweight and Ashley's father was her inspiration through his columns on healthy living. Charlotte becomes the only person Ashley can talk to without breaking down.

The first day Ashley returns school, she meets Jordan. Jordan is sweet and caring and also a total nerd. And from the minute they start dating, Ashley instantly wants to change his looks. That kind of irked me. Jordan doesn;t care what anyody thinks, though. He just follows his heart.

Enter Colt. He's your typical bad boy and he and Ashley become partners in crime and start dating. I really thought that this was going to be one of those books where the girl totally dumps the sweet, caring boy for the dangerous bad boy. Don't get me wrong, I love bad boys as much as the next girl, but I didn't like Cole at all. He got on my nerves with the way he treated Ashley.

In the end, Ashley comes around, back to Jordan. And she repairs her relationship with her mother. I loved the new, better person Ashley became at the end of the book. I only wish she could have had a better ending with her friendship with Charlotte.

All in all, The Truth About Letting Go is a must read for anybody who loves NA comtemperary romance. Be sure to grab a copy.

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