Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Best of 2012: Best Love Traingles

Best Love Triangles + Who I'm Rooting For :)

A Beautiful Dark: Asher vs. Devin
Team Asher
I'll admit it. I almost always root for the bad boy. My scale was always tipped more towards Asher and the end just sealed the deal. I can't believe Devin did that!  I still need to read A Fractured Light, but I'm sure I'll probably still be Team Asher.
Unearthly: Tucker vs. Christian
Team Tucker
I'm not opposed to Clara ending up with Christian. Actually, I'm 95% sure that that is who she is going to end up with at the end of the series. But Tucker is sweet, caring, and a cowboy. How could you not like him better?
Tiger Saga: Ren vs. Kishan
Team Ren
I like Kishan. He's a good guy(or is it tiger?). But Kelsey will never be really happy with him. Not when she's in love with Ren. She's actually starting to get on my nerves because she has this bond with Ren and she loves him, but she won't admit to it and is settling for Kishan. Kishan has even her admit that she loves Ren more than him. I can't wait until Ren and Kelsey get back together.
Starcrossed: Lucas vs. Orion
Team Lucas
I don't trust Orion completely and am not sure what to make of him. Lucas is sweet and caring and struggling with thinking Helen is his cousin and he's in love with her. But he really starts to change in this book, making things worse when he's trying to make things better.
Hex Hall: Archer vs. Cal
Team Archer
Archer is sexy, while Cal is sweet. Cal was pretty awesome but he was never a right match for Sophie. I love when there's closure to love triangles at the end of a series and the Hex Hall trilogy definitely provided it.
Throne of Glass: Westfall vs. Dorian
Team Westfall
Westfall just seems to care more about Celaena. Dorian was sweet and everything but Westfall understood her better, I think.
The Infernal Devices: Jem vs. Will
Team Will. No, Jem. No, Will. No, Jem. I can't decide!
Oh! The indecision that is Cassandra Clare's love triangle! I can't describe the feelings I have on this subject. Will is the snarky bad boy who pushes everybody away because those who love him are destined to die. And Jem is the sweetest guy imaginable but he's dying. How do you decide? How does Tess decide?
Covenant: Aidan vs. Seth
Team Aidan
Admittedly, there have been times when I've been furious at Aidan and leaned more towards Seth, but, in the end, it's always been Aidan. Especially after reading Deity. I want to kill Seth.
Soul Screamers: Nash vs. Tod
Team Tod
As I was reading the Soul Screamers series, I never realized that Tod was an option until suddenly, he was. And once he and Kaylee were together, I realized all the stuff that was wrong with her and Nash's relationship. Tod is like the most amazing person ever!
Darkness Rising: Daniel vs. Rafe
Team Rafe
Daniel will always be the best friend, as close as a brother. Rafe is just awesome. I love that he'll do anything for his sister.


  1. Team Archer all the way!! Hex Hall was super awesome! Love this serie like crazy!! As for Unearthly - Team Christian all the way :P :P Awesome list!!

  2. I'm actually a love triangle fan because I love rooting for people! I haven't read any of these though. I do have a copy of Unearthly on my shelf so maybe I should get to it soon!

    Krystianna @ Downright Dystopian

  3. Wait, there is a love-triangle in Darkness Rising? I didn't read what you said, lest it spoil me, but is it the type of triangle like in City of Bones, or even The Darkest Powers, where it's more or less obvious who she or he's going to end up with?

    Happy Holidays,