Thursday, December 27, 2012

Best of 2012: Best Book Boyfriends

Best Book Boyfriends

Augustus Waters
This book was raw and real, and so was Augustus. He is caring and sweet and supportive. But he also has his flaws, especially towards the end. But he has a way   of making you fall in love with him.
 Caleb Masters
He's so attentive and funny. I liked that from the beginning he didn't rush into anything with Maggie. He took things slow and he supported her in everything. I wish there was more to the series, but I'm also content with this last book.
 Aidan St. Delphi
He holds to his promises. I love that about him. The only thing that will make him break a promise is if Alex's or Deacon's life is in danger, but even then he feels extremely guilty. I forgive you Adan, even if Alex won't. <3
 Noah Shaw
Noah is sexy and snarky. I adore his humor. And the fact that he's sticking by Mara even when she's sure she's going crazy.
Daemon Black
I need me some more Daemon. Like, now. 
 Tod Hudson
Tod is super amazing! There are no words to describe his awesomeness.
Dank Walkers (aka Death)
Dank will do anything for Pagan. Even pretending he doesn't know everything about her, because her memory's been wiped.
Kaidan Rowe
 Kaidan is a typical bad boy. In a band, one-night stands, a nephilim. Oh, wait, that one's not typical. But it makes him super fantastic.
 Liam is sweet and caring, always thinking about Amber. I love how he does anything he can to protect her.

 Evan Mathews
Evan is amazing. He stuck by Emma through everything and he's doing everything he can to make her happy.


  1. TOD HUDSON!!!! Love a reaper :-D I like Kai, Daemon, Noah, and Caleb too! I need to catch up on some of these series!
    My Top 10

  2. Augustus and Daemon!! They're on my list too :)) I still need to read The Evolution to get reacquainted with Noah. I LOVE Evan and Caleb. They're on my list last year. Great bbf picks Gabic!!

    Teen Readers' Diary

  3. I need to catch up on the Soul Screamers books! All I have to say is KAIDAN!

  4. I keep seeing Aidan, Tod, Daemon and Noah on people's lists today. I now desperately want to read their books. Clearly I'm missing out on some awesome guys!

    My Top Ten is here if you'd like a look :)

  5. I LOVE Tod! (And that his name means Death in my native language XD) It's a great list! Several of those books have been recommended to me, too, so I should probably start reading.. ;D