Sunday, September 23, 2012

Song on Sunday (13)

Kelly Clarkson - Beautiful Disaster
Significant lyrics: 
I'm longing for love and the logical 
But he's only happy hysterical  
I'm searching for some kind of miracle, 
Waiting so long, I've waited so long 
He's soft to the touch but frayed at the ends he breaks  
He's never enough and still he's more than I can take

Abby is confused by her feelings for Travis and what he wants from their relationship. She tries to make love logical, telling herself that Travis is everything she doesn't want, everything that could ruin her life, but she's still starting to fall for him. Parker is sweet, kind, and motivated; she should be falling in love with him. He would be a good, dependable person to fall in love with. Travis is a mess, with the drinking, the one-night stands, and the fighting; but with Abby he's different. He protects her and cares for her. But is that enough?

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