Thursday, August 2, 2012

Spill Over by Jolene Perry

"I'm not in New York.
I'm friends with a girl.
I'm living on a boat... with my dad...
At this point, I figure anything's possible."

When an assignment overseas gives Antony's Mom the opportunity of a lifetime, she sees it as a chance for Antony to get to know his dad - a guy strange enough to live on a boat. Near dreary Seattle. Antony’s sure that the next few months will feel like a lifetime. He and his dad can’t even fill up a five minute conversation on his birthday call.

Then he meets Amber, the girl from five boats down, and his prospects perk up. But when it becomes very clear, very fast, that all she’s after is friendship, Antony wonders if he’ll survive the next three months.

He is absolutely. Completely. Totally. Displaced.

And then tragedy hits.

Spill Over is a novel about love, loss, and figuring out what’s actually important.
First line:
Mom shuffles in the door of our apartment and by the sound of paper bags, she’s brought home food.
Format read:
Kindle ebook
3 stars out of 5
 Let me start this out with Antony got on my nerves. A lot. He had his moments, but for the most part he was a jerk and not very likable. And while I liked Amber well enough, she too got on my nerves often. Antony's parents were enjoyable though and I felt they had a good back story. Spill Over never really caught my attention though. I could easily put it down for several days and not mind at all.

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