Thursday, July 26, 2012

Taking Faith: A Stealing Grace novella by Shelly Crane

A Novella to follow Stealing Grace ~ Amy was taken, right along with Elena, from her life. Roger is harsh to her. He barely speaks to her except to tell her to do things around the house. He barely looks at her, as if he doesn't know what to do with her. She was afraid. Afraid that he would make her his wife in every way against her will...but he hasn't, and she wonders why. She wonders what is it that Roger wants with her...after he stole her to be his wife.
First line:
Roger was pacing an angry prowl in his living room.
Format read:
Nook ebook
4 stars out of 5
 It was great to read Roger and Amy's story. I always wondered about their tale after reading Stealing Grace. They were such amazing characters, I wanted to know more. The look into Roger's terrible was well written. I loved how Amy wanted to save him, to show him kindness for no reason at all except that no one ever had.

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