Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sawyer and Lana's Wedding

      “Sawyer!” Lana squealed as I crawled into the window of my mother’s sitting room. “You are not supposed to see me before the wedding. It’s bad luck,” the frown in her eyes didn’t mask the excited tone in her voice.
  I closed the window behind me then turned around to take in the sight of my incredibly gorgeous bride. Her long red hair had been curled causing ringlets to cascaded loosely down her back. The white dress she wore was simple and elegant. It also hugged her every curve and my mind instantly went to later tonight when I would be the lucky man taking it off.
            Closing the distance between us, I placed a hand possessively on her hip and pulled her up against me careful not to wrinkle her dress or my shirt. Not that I cared but I knew she would. “It’s my wedding day. I’m making new rules. Besides, the not seeing the bride thing sucks. I couldn’t go another minute without seeing those pretty eyes.”

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