Thursday, June 14, 2012

What's Up Kylie Rounds Three and Four

Round Three:
  1. Kylie, which type of supernatural in your opinion would enjoy a hot dog the most?  [Question from Jenny H.]
C.C.:   Hmm.  Kylie, what do you think?  I know hot dogs probably aren’t the favorite food of all supernaturals but they are a definite favorite in my house, along with hamburgers, especially for grilling during the summer.  *My stomach starts to growl.* Sorry.  I didn’t have breakfast this morning and my stomach is about to start gnawing on my backbone if I don’t eat something.  And a grilled hot dog sounds pretty good right now . . . especially with some chopped onion and a little yellow mustard drizzled on top.  *I stand up and head across the office to the French doors that lead onto the patio.*  Kylie, why don’t you answer Jenny H.’s question while I fire up the grill?
Kylie:  Wait.  *Her eyes grow wide in disbelief* You’re leaving?  Like, now?  Right in the middle of the interview?  *Her voice rises an octave or two.*
C.C.:   *I glance back at her.*  Is there a problem?  I thought this would be an easy question for you to answer.
Kylie:  *She blushes.*  It is, but . . . *She mutters something under her breath and stares down at her lap.*
C.C.:  I’m sorry, but I didn’t catch that.
*She doesn’t look at me, but I get the message she’s sending loud and clear:  Kylie Galen may communicate with spirits, face down centuries-old rogue vampires and square off against pissed-off werewolves who threaten her pet without so much as batting an eyelash, but the thought of doing an interview alone terrifies her to her core.* 
*Ignoring the growl of my stomach, I sigh and walk back over to join her.*
C.C.:  Okay, so we’re talking hot dogs and supernaturals. *I settle back in my seat.*  Which group at Shadow Falls Academy do you think would enjoy a hot dog the most, Kylie?
Kylie:   Well . . .  *She sits up straighter.*  First, I should probably tell you who wouldn’t enjoy a hotdog, and that’s vampires.  What tastes good to them—and what tastes bad—changed after they were turned.  Food they used to love, like hot dogs, just aren’t appetizing any more.  Weres are the same, to a lesser degree.  Now, having said that, I think that witches probably would enjoy a hot dog the most.  *She grins.*  I know Miranda does, anyway.
2.If you really had a choice would you change your powers that you have to another power or would you keep everything the way it is? I know that in the books so far you have mentioned that you want to be normal, but being what you are is unique. Why would you want to be normal when you can be unique and different from everyone else? I know it’s hard to be different from everyone and it’s hard to understand your powers, but what you are is what will make you in the future. :)   [Question from Jennaya from Australia]
To find out the answer and read the third question go here.

Round Four:
1. If you had the chance to talk to your real father for 1 hour without interruption, what kind of things would you talk about other than the fact that you’re a chameleon? [Question from Faye B.]
C.C.: Oh, this is a great question, Faye B.! Kylie, what do you think?
Kylie: *She crosses her legs and wraps her hands around her right knee.* That’s really a hard question to answer. I mean, I have a lot of questions I’d like to ask him—questions about my heritage, about what it means to be a chameleon, sure. I know he probably doesn’t know everything, but I’ll bet he’s learned a little more now that his mom is with him. But there are other things I’d like to know, too. *She falls silent and I glance over at her to make sure she’s okay. She’s looking down at her hands, obviously lost in thought.*
C.C.: *I clear my throat.* So, what other things would you want to talk to Daniel about?
Kylie: *She shrugs.* Everything, I guess. Like what it was like when he was a kid. If he felt he was different, the way I did. What things were like when he met my mom. I mean, he’s my dad and I never got to know him. We’d have a lot to catch up on.

C.C.: And an hour wouldn’t be long enough. *I smile, knowing that’s how I would feel if I were her.*
Kylie: *She nods.* Exactly.
2. You now know about Daniel… And how much your mom loved and still loves Daniel. Do you want your mom to ever meet her “one and only” love once she crosses over again? To be with “the one that got away” from her? [Question from Aldrick Adorno]
To read the rest of the interview go here.

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