Monday, March 5, 2012

The Car Crash from Dank's POV

Pagan was here. I didn’t search her out but instead walked directly into the flames. I didn’t have to see her to know she was watching me. That she was very close. I felt her soul. She’d seen me and I’d let her. I hadn’t arrived prepared to hide myself from her because I hadn’t expected to find Pagan on a mountainside road in Tennessee.
“Pagan, NO!” Leif’s voice screamed out in warning.
He’d seen me too. I could hear it in his voice. Which made me question what he was exactly. I’d labeled him as harmless but if he did in fact see me then maybe there was something more. Something I was missing. I’d have to stay close to Pagan. Protect her until I knew for sure.
“STOP HER!” Miranda called out to Leif. If he didn’t, I would. I’d never let her walk into the flames.
“Don’t watch, Pagan,” Leif called out sounding panicked. I knew better. He didn’t want her to approach me. Yeah, I would be spending my free time hovering over Pagan. She wouldn’t have to see me for me to protect her.
I retrieved the souls from the charred bodies and we stepped back through the flames. I knew she was waiting to see and I owed it to her to answer her question. This was the only way I could show her what I truly was. After tonight, she’d know.
Chancing a glance toward her, I witnessed her eyes grow round with knowledge. She took one more step in my direction when Leif’s arms wrapped around her pulling her back . She fought hard against him begging him to let her go.
It took all my constraint to keep from stalking over there and ripping his arms off her body. The souls flanking my side were the only reasons I didn’t. It would give them time to turn around and see the car in flames and the confusion would set in. I’d end up with two lost souls if I let Pagan distract me.
She was safe for now. Whatever Leif Montgomery was he didn’t mean to harm her. Even though tonight, once my work was done, I’d return to her undetected and stand guard until I figured the soulless boy out.
Source: Existence Trilogy Facebook page

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