Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Three teasers from Wile it Lasts by Abbi Glines

Teaser One:
           My phone started ringing in my pocket and I pulled it out to see Low’s name lighting up the screen.
  “Hey baby,” I replied backing up and sinking down onto the bed. Surprisingly the mattress wasn’t bad.
            “So how is everything? Are they nice?” Just hearing Low’s voice made me feel better. Not so alone.
            “I’ve only met the guy’s daughter and the next door neighbor.”
            “Oh, so there’s a farmer’s daughter?” the teasing tone in Low’s voice made me chuckle. Yeah, there was a farmer’s daughter alright but it wasn’t what Low was thinking.
            “There’s a farmer’s daughter but she hated me on sight. Crazy I know and, to think, I thought it was impossible for a female to hate me until after I bagged her then forgot her name in the morning.”
            “She hates you? That’s… odd.” Low’s voice trailed off like she was in deep thought.

Teaser Two:
Damn. Maybe I should come out to the country more often. I didn’t realize they grew girls like this out here.
   “Eva, you aren’t ready yet? I thought we were gonna make the six-thirty show,” Jeremy said from behind me. Ah, hell no. Surely not. This goddess was with that guy? I brought my eyes back up to her face to find her blue eyes staring directly at me. They really were the bluest fucking eyes I’d ever seen.
   “Who are you?” the icy tone in her voice took me by surprise. 
   “Down, girl. Play nice, Eva. This is the guy your daddy has helping him this summer.” Her eyes flashed something that looked like, disgust? Really? I’d seen that look in a girl’s eyes before but never directed at me. Interesting.
      “You’re the drunk,” she stated. It wasn’t a question. So I didn’t reply. Instead, I flashed her the sexiest smile I had and took a step toward her.
      “I got a lot of names, baby,” I finally responded.
      Her eyebrows arched and she straightened her stance before nailing me with the coldest glare I’d ever been witness to. What was this chick’s deal? 
    “I'm sure you do. Let me guess, STD, loser, jackass, and drunk- just to name a few,” she clipped stepping out of the door and slamming it behind her. Her gaze shifted to Jeremy, who was chuckling behind me.

Teaser Three:
        “You didn’t tell me you had company, Eva,” Becca Lynn cooed twirling one of her long blonde locks around her finger while batting her eyelashes in Cage’s direction. Good lord she was ridiculous.
          “I don’t have company Becca,” I snapped hoping to get her attention but it didn’t work. “This is Daddy’s summer help. He’s working with our cows. Because he got a DUI and he is serving time.” Maybe that would wake her up out of this worshipful gaze she had on him. But it didn’t.
          “Oh, so you’ll be here all summer?” she asked still smiling up at Cage like he was a freaking rock star.
          “Looks that way,” he replied in an amused tone. Great even the man whore beside me thought she was making a fool of herself.
          “Well, when you’re not working and get bored I could keep you company—“
          Becca Lynn,” I raised my voice to stop her from offering to come warm his damn bed in the barn.
          Finally, her eyes shifted off Cage to meet my gaze. The twinkle in her eye told me she knew exactly how it sounded and she didn’t care not one bit.
         “Thank you. I’m sure that I’ll be needing someone to show me what to do for entertainment when the work-day's through. I can’t think of anyone else I’d rather have take me around and enlighten me to the things to do out here in the country.” The sexy drawl thing he had going on just pissed me off. It also gave me chill bumps and made my heart race. 
         Becca Lynn’s eyes swung back over to eat Cage alive. “That sounds like a really good plan,” she closed the distance between them and held out her perfectly manicured hand. Hot pink nails that I was sure matched her toenails, wiggled in his direction invitingly. Becca was as high maintenance as they came around here. “I’m Becca Lynn Blevins.”
         Cage closed the small amount of space Becca had left between them and slipped his hand into hers. Did Becca just shiver? “Cage York and it’s a pleasure, Becca.”
        “Oh,” she breathed. Her head tilted back as she drank him in. I swear, if he kissed her in my kitchen I was going to throw my cobbler batter at him.
         “I got to get back to work. I’ll be looking for you to come entertain me real soon, Becca Lynn.” Cage said in a low whisper then stepped around her and headed out the door without a backward glance.

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