Thursday, April 12, 2012

Vincent Brothers Sneak Peek

        Jerking my truck door open, I started to climb inside when Beau’s truck pulled in behind me. Perfect. Not what I needed right now. I needed to wrap my head around that stupid kiss with Lana. Not face Beau and Ash. 
         Beau’s truck door swung open and he got out with an angry snarl on his face. What was his deal? 
         “Better be a damn good reason you’re parked in Ash’s drive.”
          Adjusting to Beau being a caveman over a girl had been almost as hard as seeing him with Ash. Beau didn’t do jealous, until Ash had become his. Now, he was a freaking lunatic. 
         “I just dropped Lana off,” I replied meeting his angry glare. I wasn’t scared of his stupid tough guy shit. I’d been in more fights with him than I could count. He didn’t scare me. 
         My answer obviously confused him because he raised one eyebrow then turned to look at Ash as she scooted out behind him on the driver’s side. 
        “She’s here?” Ash squealed jumping down before Beau could catch her. “Remember, I told you Lana was coming tonight,” Ash beamed up at Beau then she frowned and looked over at me. “Why.. how did you get her?” 
         Ash was adorable when she was confused. “She was eating dinner at Wings when we stopped in tonight. I offered to give her a ride to save her friend the trip.”
         Ashton’s frown turned up into a smile again. I liked making her smile. Always had. “Thank you! I’m so glad you met up with her,” Ash turned and wrapped her arms around Beau and laid a quick kiss on his lips before releasing him and stepping back, “I gotta go see her. I haven’t seen her in months. Call me later.”
        Beau grabbed her hand and turned it palm up before kissing it then licking it. Gross, I did not want to see this. “Yeah, I’ll call you when I crawl in bed,” his voice dropped until it was much deeper than normal and I swear I heard Ashton sigh. I’d seen more than I wanted.

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