Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Catching Fire Draft Finished

“It’s very, very different from the way I normally adapt which is to read the book twice and then put it to one side,” says Beaufoy, who has already submitted his first draft forCatching Fire.  “You can’t do this (with Catching Fire) because you’ll get firebombed by the fan base.  I never see changing a novel a lot into a screenplay is disrespect at all really to the novel or the novelist.  I see it as the opposite.  You are making something different.  And to do that you have to be quite free with the material.  I had many concerns with taking on Catching Fire because my usual approach is to be very free.  But what I hadn’t realized was that Suzanne Collins used to be a TV writer and film writer. She sort of adapted it already. The novels are very filmic structurally already.  Luckily I haven’t had that battle in my head where I thought I had to discard everything, which is good because the fan base is incredibly loyal to everything.”

Source: Hunger Games Trilogy Fansite

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