Monday, March 26, 2012

Barely Breathing Teasers

"Hold on to this life, Emma," he whispered. "You're so much stronger than you think you are."

"All I have to say is that he's the most amazing person I've ever met, and I'd give anything for someone to love me like that, so you'd better deserve him..."

"You asked why I stayed when I had every reason to leave ~ I stayed for you. I was drawn to you almost instantly without really understanding what was happening. I will always be here for you..."
“Holy hotness. He is beautiful. I mean truly beu-ti-ful. Like the kind of beautiful they build statues to worship.”
"What is it that keeps you up at night? What is the source of all of your nightmares? What are you afraid of?"

"People change. I mean you barely know who you are when you enter, and you spend that time figuring out what you want from life, and who you want in it. The next thing you know, the people you always thought would be there, aren't. And the person you thought you could trust with everything, isn't the person you ever knew at all."

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