Friday, June 22, 2012

Lost Soul Excerpt

I wake up shivering and clutching the blanket. I feel for Alex, seeking his comfort. My hand lands in something warm and wet. The room is dark and I fumble for the lamp. I click it on and gasp at the blood soaking my hand. My fingers tremble as I stare at the empty space beside me. Alex is gone, and there’s a large pool of blood in his place. The red liquid streaks down the side of the bed and to the floor. I throw on a jacket and track the trail out of my bedroom and down the stairs. The front door is dripping with blood and a bloody handprint streaks the glass. My heart leaps into my throat as I open the door. Alex’s car is missing from the driveway.
He’s gone and I know where he went—to the field, to Helena. I sense it in my heart, through Alex, through our undying connection. He’s in pain, hurting, and I feel every part of it. I spin for the stairs to wake Aislin and Laylen. But my legs give out and I crash to the floor. Using my weak my arms, I try to heave back up. But my elbows buckle. I cough up a large puddle of blood.
“Laylen...” My voice fades as I slip into unconsciousness.
Available June 30. Jessica Soresen

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