Monday, May 21, 2012

Vincent Brothers Excerpts

Excerpt 1:
The last time I sat on Ashton's bed talking about the Vincent boys, I had told her that she needed to let both of them go. Even then, I knew she wouldn’t be able to actually do it. They were so much a part of her life. Beau especially.
“Is Sawyer dating?” I asked trying to sound as casual as possible.
Ashton let out a short laugh,”I wish.”
That was odd. He was gorgeous, talented, athletic, polite, funny - how did someone like him go six months without some girl managing to snag a date?
"Not even one date?”
Ashton shrugged and pulled her knees up to her chin wrapping her arms around the front of her legs. “I think maybe one or two dates. Not sure. I don’t ask. Sawyer still acts weird around me and Beau gets very territorial if I bring up Sawyer. He doesn’t like me talking about him much.”
How sad for Sawyer. Ashton had been a big part of his life since they were twelve. Now, he couldn’t really talk to her anymore without Beau standing over them. As much as I wanted Sawyer over Ashton, I didn’t like the picture in my head. Sawyer alone bothered me. He didn’t deserve that. He’d been so good to both of them.
“Welcome to the Jungle” started blaring from Ashton's cell phone. She reached over and picked it up from the table beside the bed. I didn't miss the silly grin on her face.
“You can not already be in bed,” Ashton purred into the phone. That had to be Beau.
Excerpt 2:
Before I reached the door, Sawyer walked inside. His eyes seemed a little glassy and his normally perfectly styled hair was messy. I stopped and watched him as he scanned the room until his eyes found me and stopped. A slow grin spread across his lips and he sauntered toward me. Or was he staggering a little? 
       “Hey Lana, what you doin’ all alone?” 
       I swallowed the nervous knot in my throat as he stood so close my arm was touching his. “Uh, well, Ash and Beau went,” I pointed toward the stairs unable to tell him what they’d gone to do. 
       His amused smile became an angry snarl as he shifted his focus to the steps leading upstairs like they were repugnant. Great, I’d got him all worked up over Beau and Ashton, again. 
       A warm hand closed around my hand and I squeaked in surprise. Sawyer chuckled and slipped his fingers between mine, “Come on sweet little Lana. You can come entertain me since you’ve been stranded. Besides, I’ve been looking at those sexy legs of yours all night. You make them shorts look real good.”
        I gaped at him as he pulled me over to an empty couch. Had Sawyer just said my legs were sexy? I didn’t have time to think about his statement before he was pulling me  down to sit in his lap. 
       He buried his face in my hair and inhaled loudly, “Damn you smell good,” he murmured. One of his hands slipped around my waist and his hand spread out across the front of my bare stomach while he wrapped a lock of my hair around his finger with his other hand.
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Source: Abbi Glines

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