Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Darkness Breaks Teasers

Teaser 1:
“You feel too much.” Sylas props his foot up on the ledge of the roof. “You’re going to have to turn it off, or else it’s going to get the best of you.”

“Is that what you do?” I meet his eyes, my hair dusting my cheeks as the wind howls. “Do you turn it off Sylas? Is your uncaring behavior just an act?”

His eyes never waver and his eyebrows rise with a challenge. “You te...ll me. After all, you do know me better than anyone. At least you used to.”

His gaze makes me nervous, like it always does whenever he sneaks into my emotions. From behind us, Tristan moans and Emmy snarls, but I don’t let my eyes cower away from Sylas. The longer I focus on him, the less unsettled my body feels. I feel a newfound surge of energy, one that wants answers, one that knows I’m about to cross a dangerous line. In a quick shooting motion, I snap my hand up and grab onto Sylas’ arm. I grip tightly, digging my nails into his skin. He’s surprised, eyes
blinking wildly, like no one has ever touched him without permission. For one brief second, his guard and control crumbles. A window opens, revealing a small insight into his soul. He’s always afraid… always afraid of failing, of letting people in, of being human, yet at the same time, he fears he’s lost all of his humanity.

“An act,” I say boldly.

His eyes flare and his lips curl, allowing his teeth to dangerously glint in the night. I worry he might shove me off the roof and let me fall to my death. And maybe he would have, if Tristan hadn’t beat him to the punch.

As the blow of Emmy’s scream slams against my eardrums, Tristan’s body crashes into mine. Our bodies tangle as we fly airborne, off the edge of the roof, and plummet to the ground, toward my death. I shut my eyes. But I feel something sparkle against my head and my eyelids whip open to Tristan’s smile. He has one hand on my head and the other on my hip.

“Don’t forget me,” he says and the sparkles in my head ignite, and I can feel everything he’s ever felt.

It’s the most powerful thing I’ve ever felt and I’ll never be able to forget it.

Then he releases me, only a few feet from the ground.

Teaser 2:

We continue to stare each other down, even when Emmy clears her throat.
“Guys,” she says. “I think we need to get out of here. Morning’s coming.”
Sylas shakes his head. “Not until we settle this.” He spreads his hands to the side. “You want to know if I’m lying, then go ahead and see.”
I eye him over. “You’re just going to let me tap into you.”
He tilts his head to the side. “Consider this your one and only freebie.”
I glance at Emmy, who shrugs, looking just as astounded as I am.
“I don’t know what to tell you,” she says. “He surprises me every day.”
Still uncertain, I reach for him, but he pulls back.
“Oh, I’m not going to make it easy on you.” He licks his lips.
I remain immobile, hand suspend in midair. I don’t know what my problem is. It’s just a kiss and I’ve kissed him before, but something about it feels wrong. Or maybe it’s that deep down part of me wants to kiss him.
For a second, I considered kicking him between the legs. But not wanting him to know he’s getting to me, I keep my head and shoulders held high, my gaze never faltering as I lean in. “Alright, Sylas, if that’s the way you want to play, then let’s play.” Without indication, I press my lips to his, a dominating move as I clutch onto the upper hand.
He’s not influencing my emotions, which is making the situation worse. All of it’s raw; the way he feels, the way I feel, the way our lips connect. Kissing him is so much different than kissing Aiden. Aiden is open and his emotions pour out effortlessly. There’s something safe in Aiden’s touch. But when Sylas opens up, it’s like falling into an abyss. 
Teaser 3:
“Kayla, just breathe” Aiden whispers, his honey eyes filled with worry. Chains bind him to the blood-stained wall. “You can do it, just breathe.”
I lie on my back, my body pumped full of various medicines. Needles implant my skin and every muscle in body screams. I’m burning up, my skin as hot as fire. I shut my eyes, panting, wanting to get up, but the pain constraints m...e to the concrete floor.
“I want to die,” I murmur. There’s a knife by Aiden’s ankle. “I can’t take this anymore. Aiden, please just kill me.”
He shakes his head and kicks the knife to the side. “I won’t do it Kayla. I love you too much.”
I cough up blood and it drowns my lungs. Tears slip down my cheeks as the medicine eats away at my heart, my mind, my skin. It’s been going on for days, maybe even weeks, a test which we’re failing. “Aiden, I can’t take it anymore. Please.”
He slides onto his stomach until the chains reach the end. He extends his hand and his fingers brush the tips of mine. “I won’t let you go,” he whispers. “I love you too much.”
I feel his love burning through his blood and at that moment, part of me loves him back. But part of me hates him for loving me so much that he’d rather see me suffer than let me go. And for a brief second, I wish he was Sylas. Because Sylas wouldn’t watch me suffer.
Source: Jessica Sorensen

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