Monday, March 12, 2012

Cassandra Clare to meet with 'City of Bones' Developers

From her tumblr page:
so I am in LA
I can see the beach from where I am. Ah, my hometown.
I have director, producer and writer meetings tomorrow about ‘City of Bones.’
I honestly don’t know what I’ll find out, or what of what I do find out I’ll be allowed to say. Hopefully something, since I know everyone is growing cobwebs waiting for news.
Now, I’ve no idea what I will be able to say, if anything. I know there are points in the script we want to go over, and concept art, etc. For all I know I could sit down and be told that they now see the film as a parable reflecting the age-old conflict between Mr. Peanut and his arch-enemy Alejandro, the Spanish almond. Life is mysterious.
Hopefully they will be good meetings. Hopefully I will have something to tell you about them. I have my fingers crossed, but I won’t make promises ‘cause I don’t want to say I’ll know something and then not know something. And it might be ‘I know something but I can’t tell it’ which is annoying, but quite possible.
I will have news for you about something fun before the end of the week. That I can promise.

Source: Page to Premiere

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